Far right violence nothing to do with us say far right violent group

jayda fransen

Far right group Britain First have denied that violent actions of any of their members following their own doctrines are anything to do with them.

In an impartial video made by Britain First, Deputy leader Jayda Fransen explained “The media have made us out to be extremists, which we are, but not the sort of extremists that might do the sort of things that we encourage. That may not make sense but that’s because of the media. Not the media we use. The other media. It’s all the fault of Muslims and left wingers and we will strike back. But when we do it wasn’t us.”

Indeed Britain First leader Paul Golding confirmed that he himself was absolutely nothing to do with anything.

“We deny all knowledge of any of our members, including ones pictured with us on protests. We might incite violence and murderous rampages in our members but anyone who actually acts on it is clearly mentally ill and I for one have never met them.” He explained.

Britain First were responding to the arrest for murder of a Britain First member. They were first made aware of this when they realised there were only three people on one of their rallies instead of the usual four.

“We want our country back. And by that I mean a twisted concept of Britain that has never existed. It’s a Britain I had in a dream. After taking drugs. And not the good ones neither.” Mr Golding told us.

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