Portsmouth and Southampton to share football team


Portsmouth and Southampton will only need one football team once the new Solent authority comes into force according to Portsmouth City Council leader Donna Jones.

Ms Jones played down calls for a referendum on the matter arguing that she already had the majority of public support, or at least would do once they came round to the idea.

“It’ll be good to end any silly rivalries and live in harmony supporting the same team. Instead of fighting each other we can have picnics.”

Indeed Porthampton Rovers or Southmouth United could be a force to be reckoned with. With one half being owned by the fans and the other half owned by a lady that inherited the club from her Dad.

Present Southampton owner Katharina Liebherr told of her delight at the proposal.

“Outside of my day job I actually support Portsmouth but can’t go to any of the matches because of Southampton fans getting a bit funny about it. This way I get the best of both worlds. I’m made up.

Whilst the location of the new ground has not been announced many Portsmouth and Southampton fans are protesting that any relocation might mean them actually having to leave their respective cities for the first time. And Donna Jones has admitted that starting a new local team from scratch may be an uphill struggle to begin with.

“Obviously being a new team we’ll have to start from the bottom. If we can just beat that Hayling Island.”

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