Portsmouth and Southampton to share football team

Portsmouth and Southampton will only need one football team once the new Solent authority comes into force according to Portsmouth City Council leader Donna Jones.

Putin “I had nothing to do with the football violence or the invasion of Ukraine”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed today that he had absolutely nothing to do with the recent football violence in France and nothing to do with the invasion of Ukraine either.

Sepp Blatter “I’ve never even seen a football”

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has responded robustly to accusations that his role as Godfather of a criminal organisation is actually a front for games of football. Speaking at the opening of FIFA’s congress Mr Blatter said  “I’ve never even seen a football, let alone kicked one. I can promise you I’m too concerned with bribery […]

Fifa report clears Ernst Stavro Blofield of all impropriety

Ernst Stavro Blofield, head of international organisation SPECTRE has been cleared of all impropriety in a report released yesterday by Fifa. Provoking a very mixed response, the report also cleared the entire organisation of any wrongdoing along with a huge man with metal teeth and another with a top hat, make up and an evil […]