Daily Mail to cease trading as Google and Facebook ban fake news


The owner of the Daily Mail has today confirmed rumours that the paper will cease all further publications in response to a crackdown on fake news.

Despite being Britain’s second largest news publication the Daily Mail is thought to be facing a monumental loss in revenue after Facebook and Google have promised to stop supporting links to articles that might not actually be true.

So named as it was originally owned by Mr Daley Mayall but now by Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere who said  “It’s ridiculous. Anyone could see it was a spoof. I mean a newspaper owned by me, a billionaire aristocrat who lives abroad to avoid paying any tax, which blames the countries woes on refugee children and poor people. It’s satire. You’re not supposed to take it seriously.”

A spokesman for Facebook said “We like a joke as much as anyone else but people were falling for this shit hook, line and sinker. It might sound ridiculous but people actually believed that immigration was bad for the economy. They genuinely swallowed the line that Muslims were all out to destroy the country. And then they thought if they voted Brexit then that would somehow stop Muslims from Asian countries coming in without visas which they have to have if they want to come in anyway.”

A spokesman for google said “We’ll all miss the Daily Mail but Donald Trump is President now and people actually voted Brexit. There’s no need to make news up anymore.”

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