“Corbyn is unelectable” warns actor who played Roland in Grange Hill

roland jeremy corbyn

Erkan Mustafa who played Roland in early episodes of Grange Hill has today warned that Labour face annihilation under Jeremy Corbyn, should Theresa May call a snap election.

In a rare statement Mr Mustafa said “I’ve tried to stay out of the political sphere as much as possible but sometimes you just have to put your head above the parapet. I think Jeremy is a nice bloke with largely sound policies but he has sadly failed to win over the electorate.”

The statement is undeniably a blow for the Corbyn leadership with many speculating another leadership contest in the near future. Mustafa himself is reportedly tight lipped as to who he is tipping as Corbyn’s successor. With actor Mark Savage, who played Gripper Stepson in the same series, refusing to comment on the matter, some sort of showdown seems all the more likely.

Corbyn fans have reacted with anger and cynicism with many even doubting the source of the quotes. “No-one seems to know who was actually with Erkan when he was supposed to have said these things. I watch the early episodes of Grange Hill and there’s nothing that Roland says that even hints that he might have an opinion like that.” One told us.

One other supporter said “I won’t hear a word said against Jeremy. Particularly from a former child actor whose fictional persona went to the only school in the country where they didn’t swear. He’s out of touch and that makes him a Red Tory. Or a Blue Labour. Or something.”


  1. Acts like a child, Talks like a child. Erkan is a typical immature idiot

  2. Could Erkan explain to me how the group that preceded Corbyn that lost the Party 181 seats and 5m votes with policies alien to the working class get those seats and votes back? It’s OK replacing Corbyn but the demise of the party is because of the very people you want to take back control, They are more unelectable than Corbyn.

    • You do know this is a fake news site? “THE NEWS ‘THEY’ DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR. BECAUSE IT ISN’T TRUE.”

    • Terry Casey – I also support Corbyn. But this article is meant purely as a joke. A frirend of mine is friends with Erkan on Facebook. He is apparently a very nice guy. He says he didn’t “speak any of this rubbish”. I’m glad to hear this. Don’t worry about it. Roland is not about to bring about the Corbyn’s downfall.

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