Piers Morgan “not shitting his pants”

A spokesman for Piers Morgan has confirmed that despite the incarceration of journalist and political strategist Andy Coulson for conspiracy to intercept voice mails, the former Daily Mirror editor come celebrity is not at all shitting his pants. Our source told us “Far from it. His pants are most definitely squeaky clean. I can personally […]

Andy Coulson “up the Faraway tree” when hacking tape was played

Andy Coulson was not in the office on the day a reporter allegedly played him a hacked voicemail message, as he was up the Faraway tree, the ex-News of the World editor’s barrister has confirmed. Journalist Dan Evans said on Tuesday that Mr Coulson had been “excited” on hearing the message left for James Bond […]

Andy Coulson “I said ‘do’ his phone not tap it”

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has firmly denied that asking a senior reporter investigating Callum Best to ‘do his phone’ suggested in an way tapping it or listening in on answer messages. Facing charges along with ‘evil Bonnie Langford’ Rebekah Brooks,  Mr Coulson told the court “When I said ‘do his phone’ […]

Boris Johnson asked to stop moving into number 10

Boris Johnson has been asked by David Cameron to stop moving his belongings into number 10  and at least wait until a leadership contest according to Government sources. It’s thought that ever since he was turned away from Downing street 6 months ago after arriving with several removal lorries, he has been attempting to move […]