Russia sends Ukraine a giant horse as part of aid mission

giant horse

Russian premier Vladimir Putin has today pledged support for an international aid mission in Eastern Ukraine by donating a gargantuan metal horse

Speaking on TV channel Russia Today Mr Putin said “Eastern Ukranians have endured a terrible time which is obviously nothing to do with us, but we would like to lift everyone’s spirits a little bit by donating a 700 foot high titanium horse on caterpillar tracks. If you can honestly find it in your hearts to think that this horse might be  packed with tanks, fighter jets and Russian special forces then you have obviously been listening to Western politicians too much. Of course we need to surround it with troops to make sure it doesn’t fall over on anyone.”

The move comes as much of Ukraine is set to enjoy Putin’s giant travelling circus which will be travelling the country, entertaining for free and featuring the world famous ‘Clowns with machine guns’.

“Anything we can do to help and cheer people up a bit. If we’re guilty of anything it’s caring too much.” Mr Putin explained.

However, many Ukranians are becoming increasingly suspicious about Mr Putin’s motives. One Ukranian told us  “It’s ever since he organized a Pub quiz and despatched 30,000 troops to prevent anyone taking a sneaky look at the answers. And he kept all the prizes.”



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