Reckless in rage as Rochester white van filled with illegal immigrants

rochester strood

Newly appointed UKIP MP Mark Reckless has told of his rage that the now famous Rochester show home and white van rather than being a symbol for working class white Britain were in fact both filled to the brim with illegal immigrants.

Foaming at the mouth Mr Reckless bemoaned “The flags and the white van were just a smokescreen for covert mulit-cultural activity. It’s not clear whether they had just been brought from across the channel or whether they had been here for some time and were just out and about enjoying the ride and taking advantage of our British facilities.

“It’s not my fault though. I’m just sorting out the mess that I inherited from the last Mark Reckless that was MP for Rochester and Strood.” He explained.

Indeed one local told us “It’s not like it was when I was growing up. But then again I grew up In Romania.”

Labour Ed Miliband has not confirmed or denied whether he will be reinstating Emily Thornberry MP as this revelation would mean that instead of highlighting a potentially borderline racist household she may in fact have been borderline racist herself in highlighting a house inhabited by immigrants. Which is good. Or bad.

“I am an ordinary person and I will sack anyone else who takes a picture of a house.” he explained.

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