Fury as man on benefits spends £640k on Christmas decorations

christmas lights

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith is reported to be incandescent with rage following reports that a man on benefits has adorned his house with Christmas lighting and decorations to an estimated value of £640,000 all at the expense of the public purse.

Colin Darr of Whiteley Hampshire recently hit the headlines after managing successfully to claim his obsession with Christmas was a prescribable condition, thus leaving the State obliged to write a virtual blank cheque.

Mr Darr has always claimed that he would ideally prefer to be working but regrettably he feels firmly ensconced in the benefits trap.

“I’d be happy to work but any jobs I’ve been offered wouldn’t cover much more than a tree, a flashing Rudolph and a doorbell that says ho ho ho instead of ringing. The last job I was offered was for 45k a year. Well I get that just from the council in subsidies on my electricity bill, so obviously you can appreciate I told them to do one.” he explained.

“And anyway, if I was to work I need most of November off to put all the lights up so any prospective employer would have to be flexible. And most of January to take them down.”

One neighbour however told us “We don’t often see Colin himself as he goes away for Christmas. But through his decorations he’s here in spirit. And they really cheer the place up if of course you like that sort of thing.”


  1. Probably one of IDS’ colleagues – biggest ‘benefit scroungers’ in the whole country, aren’t they?

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