Jeremy Hunt enjoying well deserved week-end off

jeremy bastard hunt

Health Secretary Jeremy fucking Hunt is enjoying a well deserved week-end off after a tough week imposing non-evidence based legislation on an already over stretched medical profession.

The Monday to Friday stint included part of  a long battle to win the hearts and minds of the medical profession by completely ignoring them, a tactic which inexplicably failed  leaving the Health secretary no choice but to impose his legislation anyway.

Mr fucking Hunt it’s thought has opted for a quiet one this week-end with little in the way of social engagements. He was due to host a drinks evening in Fareham Hampshire until he realised that he might end up meeting someone intelligent who doesn’t agree with him and sensibly decided to call it a week.

“Thank fuck it’s Friday. So glad we don’t have to work week-ends” he explained.

A source close to Mr fucking Hunt said “He’ll probably start the week-end with a full English breakfast followed by a lunch time pint and an afternoon kicking back and putting his feet up. Ideally in a secret location where he won’t inadvertently run into a Doctor. Or a nurse. Or anyone.”

Mr fucking Hunt has assured tax payers that he will be back to work bright and early on Monday morning unless it is a bank holiday.


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