Putin joins Brexit campaign

putin smiling

Russian premier Vladimir Putin has today added his full support to the campaign for Britain to leave the EU.

Reaching out to the British people Mr Putin said “You’re so much better off as an isolated little island. We’ve been flying jets over you left right and centre and we’re sure you don’t need any silly alliances.

“All your rules are being made by Brussels. Well not all of them, but definitely some of them. I can’t think of any particular examples but that’s alright because neither can you.

“But it shouldn’t be just Britain that leaves the EU. The idea of any sort of United Europe is ridiculous. And not just so I can pick away at one European country after another with impunity.

“If you really do want to join a Union, why not join mine. It’s great. Ukraine haven’t quite made their mind up yet but I’m sure they’ll join like a shot when the EU falls apart. And Poland. And Sweden.

“Vote leave. You know you want to.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has welcomed the new addition to the Leave camp.

“It’s great to have him on board. I’ll be meeting him, Robert Mugabe and and a contingent from Argentina. I look forward to hearing their ideas.” He told us.

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