Osborne “I do not benefit personally from being rich”

osborne wealthy

George Osborne has assured critics that he does not benefit in any way from being rich.

“I may have lowered the top rate of tax in 2012 to increase my own net income but I can assure you that I don’t get any advantage from that.

“It just passes through my bank account. Some of it is spent on other things. Some of it stays there. It’s absolutely no different from if I didn’t have it.” He reasoned.

“Apart from houses, cars, expensive suits, exclusive hotels and expensive restaurants I get absolutely nothing out of the whole thing.

“In any event, the important thing isn’t whether I am ridiculously rich or not, it’s all about battering poor and vulnerable people under the guise of reducing a deficit that I’m increasing. I’m tightening my belt too. Just not fiscally.”

London Mayor and leadership hopeful Boris Johnson said it was time to stop criticising tax avoiding wealthy people for no fathomable reason.

“It’s about time we stopped picking on people simply because they maintain Britain’s ranking as 5th most unequal country in terms of personal income in the developed world. It’s only money, people who haven’t got it probably wouldn’t be any happier if they had it.

“I’ll make it my mission to make sure they never have to find that out.” He explained.

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