Farage “Europeans enjoying free foreign holidays”

farage european holiday

Europeans are enjoying free foreign holidays at our expense according to UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Speaking to a heaving Brexit rally, Mr Farage said “They’ve got it handed to them on a plate. We have to fork out for a holiday in the sun but if the Spanish decide they want to go on holiday to Spain, they’re already there. And we’re paying for it whilst simultaneously paying for ourselves to live here. How exactly is that fair Jean-Claude Juncker? ”

“And the French are just as bad. They hang around their own beaches and the countryside drinking wine and eating long bread like they’re on holiday. Even though they’re not. And yet they might be. They’re laughing at us.” He lamented.

“The only fair course of action is for us to come out of the EU and make all Europeans come and live here.” He concluded.

The remarks, whilst candid, have gone down well amongst Brexit supporters. Indeed one Brexit campaigner told us that Mr Farage was merely saying what everyone else was thinking.

“Whatever is or isn’t going on, we need to put a stop to it. Then and only then can Britain be great again.”

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