Trump “Nigel Farage must be Queen of England”

farage-queen-of-englandNigel Farage should be made Queen of England in order to preserve Britain’s special relationship with the USA, according to president elect Donald Trump.

Mr Trump tweeted earlier today that “Many people” would like to see Mr Farage in a dress with a crown on his head, surrounded by Corgis.

“I would personally be much happier if it was Nigel sitting on a throne, brandishing an orb and sceptre, as opposed to some old lady I don’t even know. We’ve gotten on quite well up to now and I would much prefer it to be him greeting me on state visits.” He explained.

Mr Trump’s comments have been politely rebuffed from this side of the pond, with both Downing Street and Buckingham Palace insisting that there is no vacancy and the job is already taken.

A furious Nigel Farage has accused both institutions of being out of touch.

“At every stage I am being greeted with negativity and its getting in the way of the national interest. Which is obviously for me to flounce around in a tiara asking people what they do and saying ‘that must be so interesting’ before they’ve finished answering. It’s what the man in the street wants. I know I didn’t even get voted in as an MP. And neither did the present Queen. So I’m ideal for the job.”

One Farage supporter said “Donald and Nigel are just saying what we’re all thinking. They’re like a breath of fresh air.”

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