Abu Qatada boards plane back to Britain

Radical muslim cleric Abu Qatada  is in the process of boarding a plane after a not guilty verdict in Jordan means that he is free to carry on his life back in Britain. Thought to be flying first class at the Home Office’s expense sources close to Mr Qatada say that he is looking forward […]

Abu Qatada “I’ll go if Theresa May comes with me”

Abu Qatada has surprised his critics today by agreeing to leave Britain on his own accord.  He has however stipulated that Home Secretary Theresa May must come with him. In a statement read out by his solicitor this morning the hairy Lothario  explained his decision. “The art of being a good guest is knowing when […]

Abu Qatada to enjoy the same rights as ZZ Top

In yet another setback to the Government’s attempts to extradite beard sporting extremist Abu Qatada, the Court of Appeal has today refused the Government permission to take its fight to the supreme court, concluding that he must be treated in exactly the same way as hairy American rockers ZZ Top. Citing reasons that the Jordanian Government […]