Conservatives sign letter supporting themselves

More than 100 conservatives have declared support for a conservative-led government in a letter published in the Daily Telegraph. The signatories who include conservatives and rich people who vote for or donate to the conservative party have come together to add themselves to a list in a Conservative newspaper. One conservative said “100 is a […]

Kelly Hoppen to talk about herself

Kelly Hoppen is to forego the formality of deciding whether to invest in new businesses on TVs Dragons Den and simply talk about herself according to Kelly Hoppen whilst talking about herself on a recent episode of TVs Dragons Den. Speaking to a man pitching for a computer games business, Ms Hoppen explained “I get […]

Festive binge eaters spend £360 on one gym visit

People who have eaten the equivalent of a Ford Focus full of lard over the festive period are set to make their annual visit to a gym today where they will be politely chastised for their lack of exercise, excess weight, overall shabby lifestyle, and consequently talked into a years water tight membership contract. More […]