Corbyn refuses to deny being present for 1970s

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to deny that he was present for the entire 1970s when the IRA was active, people were more racist and Jim’ll Fix it was on the TV every Saturday.

Zac Goldsmith to read news for BBC

Former Mayoral hopeful Zac Goldsmith has today told of his delight at being offered the job of anchorman on BBC news.

Conservatives divided over whether to be total bastards or utter bastards

The Conservative party is thought to be divided today over whether to be total bastards or utter bastards. Prime Minister David Cameron has denied that now the Conservative Government has disenfranchised just about every sector of society that isn’t them, they were ready to turn on each other like a pack of rabid dogs. However, […]

New cabinet thinly veiled front for Dalek invasion

David Cameron’s new cabinet is merely a front for a Dalek invasion designed to destroy the word and everything in it according to according to former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston. Speaking to John Humphreys on his Today Programme Mr Eccleston said “You don’t get to be Doctor Who for a whole series without noticing when […]

Conservatives to bring 1980s cabinet back from beyond the grave

Prime Minister David Cameron is understood to be bringing back the 1980s Conservative cabinet from beyond the grave using a combination of medical science and voodoo according to Downing street insiders. Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said “They’ve been trying to do this for the last five years. Up until now we’ve been able […]

Conservatives hoping everyone forgets about Iain Duncan Smith

The Conservatives are hoping that everyone forgets about Iain Duncan Smith until at least Friday according to a secret report leaked this afternoon by Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. Speaking to John Humphreys on the today programme Mr Clegg said “I’m not one for tittle tattle but I was told in private that the Tories […]

Conservatives sign letter supporting themselves

More than 100 conservatives have declared support for a conservative-led government in a letter published in the Daily Telegraph. The signatories who include conservatives and rich people who vote for or donate to the conservative party have come together to add themselves to a list in a Conservative newspaper. One conservative said “100 is a […]

Conservative candidate caught doing something pleasant

A Conservative party candidate has been caught on camera openly admitting that none of us are any more important than the other no matter what our race, social class or political leanings, and rather than pursing wealth at all costs to the detriment of others we should in fact work together and ensure equality for […]

Conservatives to hunt the deficit on horses with dogs

David Cameron has pledged to reduce the deficit at all costs even if it means hunting it down on horses with a huge pack of beagles. “We’ll have Christmas day off” he explained “and then on Boxing Day we’ll assemble en masse for a cheeky glass of sherry before riding around the countryside blowing horns […]

Conservatives to stick to being posh white blokes

The Conservative Party are to stick to being led by posh white blokes with  just the merest smattering of upper middle class totty for a bit of window dressing and of course to make the tea, as part of new moves announced today. Speaking on this morning’s Andrew Marr show prime Minister David Cameron explained […]