Entire population of Sri Lanka play musical chairs for Prince Charles’ birthday

charles' 65th

The entire population of Sri Lanka have been spending the day running around an ever decreasing circle of chairs to music, having been forced to play musical chairs to celebrate Prince Charles’ birthday. In a lesser known condition of membership of the British Commonwealth, any hosting country is required to celebrate the birthday of any visiting royal by throwing  a party, laying on sandwiches and making the entire population of the country play whatever party games the royal chooses.

One Royal aide explained “He’s done it every year since he was 5 years old, and it doesn’t matter where he is for whatever reason, he likes everyone to play musical chairs on his birthday. And the entire Sri Lankan population are no exception. He always wins of course, unless the Queen is playing too, in which he has to make do with coming second”

One Sri Lankan we spoke to told us that things could be worse. “At least it’s musical chairs. Everybody likes musical chairs. If it was Prince Andrew we’d have had to play ‘Pass the Arsehole’ or even worse ‘Arse the Parcel’ depending on what mood he’s in”

It’s thought that the withdrawal of both Zimbabwe and the Gambia from the Commonwealth were in some way connected to Royal party  games. Gambian President, Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh, told us “The Gambia have already had a game of musical chairs. And I won.”

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