Michael Gove condemns left wing weather

Michael Gove left wing weatherEducation Secretary Michael Gove has publicly condemned the recent inclement weather spells which he has described as left wing and irresponsible.

“If you look outside, it’s pissing it down again. And it’s quite clearly down to left wing academics, unions, public sector workers, professional bodies and anyone else who doesn’t vote for us. And the Lib Dems must shoulder their share of the blame on this matter. Under an entirely Conservative government we’ll be going back to basics with weather. We’ll have sun in summer, the rain will be in March and April, and there will usually be snow at this time of year. Not enough to stop people getting into work but definitely enough to build a snow man.”

But according to Mr Gove people who report the weather on television should also be taking their share of the blame.

“I don’t think anyone is fooled by the blatant socialist undercurrent inherent when Michael Fish tells us it’s raining. It’s basically telling people that it’s alright to live on benefits and we should just our swing our doors wide open to anyone who wants a free ride.” he warned.

Michael Gove has recently been in the news for criticising TV chefs for cooking left wing recipes. And households for keeping left wing cats. He recently caused controversy at a New Years Eve party after refusing to put his left leg in, out or shake it all about during the Okey Cokey.



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