Will and Kate taunt poor people with tax payer funded holiday

royal holiday

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released a series of photographs of their tax payer funded trip to the French Alps in an attempt to taunt poor people and laugh at their angry little faces.

“The Duke and Duchess hope you oiky little people enjoy the photos,and subsequently lament your own serfdom.” A Royal spokesman explained.

Indeed Prince William himself told a grovelling fawning Daily Mail journalist that there was no point in going on a luxury holiday without not only rubbing it in like a bastard but reminding people who could never afford to go on such a holiday themselves that they themselves had paid for it.

“We’re better than you because our immediate ancestors were psychopathic despots who ruled the country through fear and murderous tyranny. Obviously we can’t execute people anymore but we can use our tax payer funded luxury breaks to remind you that the concept of equality is a myth.” he chuckled.

The photos also showed  Prince George and Princess Charlotte playing in the snow for the first time. “They’re having so much more fun than your children. That’s what the nanny tells us anyway.”

Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell was also present on the holiday where he followed the family from behind on all fours on a specially constructed sledge.

“William has to enjoy himself while he can. One day he may have to take up full Royal duties of waving, attending dinners and reading speeches that someone else has written for him from a piece of paper.” He explained.

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