Boris “Anyone saying I’ve gagged them should shut up”

Boris gagging

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has insisted today that none of his staff have been gagged over the EU referendum and any that say they have should shut up.

“The correct line is that I haven’t gagged you and you’re allowed to say what you like but you’re choosing not to of your own free will.” Mr Johnson  warned all London public sector workers in an email this morning.

“You should all shut your stupid mouths unless it’s to repeat everything I say verbatim. I am your Mayor and as a result you must be complicit in whatever political whim I feel will further my personal career and help me into Number 10. But it’s not good enough to just publicly agree with me. You have to genuinely believe everything I come out with. And like it. And that way I’m not gagging you.” The email continued.

A very contrite Mr Johnson told us  “Obviously my staff within the city not being allowed a personal opinion on something that has nothing to do with the city and everything to do with my career progression doesn’t look good. So I’ve sorted it all out and you won’t hear anyone else tell you that they’ve been gagged. Not if they want to keep their jobs they won’t anyway.” He assured.

“And I have no knowledge of any emails or statements on the matter. Including this one.” He added.

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