Far right brexit campaigner has carefully analysed the fiscal implications

paul golding brexit

A far right Brexit campaigner has carefully analysed the fiscal implications of remaining in or leaving the EU, before deciding the leave option to be the most universally beneficial.

“I’m speaking from a purely altruistic viewpoint, based on the best possible financial outcome for each and every British citizen” Mr Paul Golding of Sevenoaks explained.

“You might think due to my membership of Britain First, the English Defence league and UKIP that I might just be voting leave under the misinformed belief that leaving the EU might stop foreigners coming in and thus turn Britain back into a whites only 1950s style Enid Blyton book.

“But no, I’ve carefully analysed all the figures and whilst they do suggest that the British economy might be significantly better off in Europe, the numbers themselves originate from the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, so can’t be trusted. Lying bastard foreign numbers.”

The news that the overwhelming majority of reports from economic institutions might be using foreign numbers will prove embarrassing for the remain campaign, many of whom are still clinging on to the lame fact that just about every financial institution and foreign Government supports their analysis.

Indeed, famous Rochdale resident Gillian Duffy said “This is so refreshing to have an evidence based argument to leave based on facts and figures rather than just me being a little bit racist.”

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