“Someone should have warned us about a recession” say Brexiters

ian duncan smith brexit

Furious Brexiters are criticising economists and credit agencies today for not warning them that stepping out of the largest free market in the world would somehow cause a clusterfuck of a recession.

One BREXIT voter said “I voted out to keep out all the rapists or something and now I’m somehow being blamed for not putting a singular nano-gram of thought into the fiscal implications. No-one said anything about a recession. Well they did, loads of people all the time but Iain Duncan-Smith said financial analysts don’t know anything.”

Iain Duncan Smith has denied any responsibility for Britain’s economy going up his own arse.

“I know I just repeatedly said the word ‘scaremongering’  in a condescending fashion when anyone mentioned economic forecasts. But after saying it 400 times in a single breath I would have eventually punched myself out and you could have hit on a weak point and told me then. But you didn’t. Or maybe you did. I cant remember.” He explained.

Prime Minister Theresa May said that though things might look gloomy she was confident she could still get Britain the deal it needed.

“Immigration has always been good for the economy. But don’t worry, I’ve brokered a deal where immigration remains exactly the same and we have a recession.” She told us.

One proud BREXITER told us “We’ve got no money but we’ve got our country back. It’s going to be just like it used to be. When it was shit.”

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