Corbyn urged to stop sitting on roof of trains

corbyn sitting on train

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has told critics he will carry on sitting on the roof of trains and ducking at tunnels indefinitely, even if he becomes Prime Minister and whether there are seats available or not.

“I don’t see why I should take up a whole seat when people all over India up until the 1990s had to sit on the roof. I’m like a breath of fresh air.” He explained.

Mr Corbyns’s decision to sit on the roof of trains at least once in the presence of the media have split the public.

One twitter user said “It all seems very admirable but I’m sure he’s just doing it for show. Why is it that there always happens to be a TV crew and 2 Guardian journalists up there. It’s just the same as how he mysteriously traversed the country on a donkey, flanked by bus loads of journalists and still managed to attend all his rallies on time.”

Leadership rival Owen Smith has encountered his fair share of criticism for turning up to rallies in a gold plated helicopter flanked by Conservative party friends who he planned to go to a champagne bar with afterwards.

“I believe all the same things as Jeremy but not really.” He explained.

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