Independent Scotland to govern Gibraltar

scotland gibraltar

An independent Scotland could govern Gibraltar thus allowing both to remain in Europe according to Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

In a joint statement with Gibraltarian Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, Ms Sturgeon said “We voted against Brexit. So did Gibraltar.  But our two nations have far more than that in common. Scots are naturally attracted to the cheap booze and fags. And Gibraltarians  enjoy a similar lifestyle to scots. Let’s face it, if you’ve ever been bitten by a Barbary ape you’ll feel right at home with a night out in Glasgow.”

“And  if Spain don’t like it, what are they going to do? Kick out all the English expats? We don’t care.”  She added,

However, Prime Minister Theresa May has assured critics that she will not let the will of the people in any way defy the will of the people.

“We’re going to shine without Europe. And Scotland. And Gibraltar. And probably Wales and Northern Island. We’ve got our country back. Apart from the parts of it that are leaving. And the  British people that will now take their businesses abroad. And the ones that will just move to Scotland or Gibraltar.” She explained.

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