Sun readers somehow furious at Labour plans to tax people earning over 80k

angry sun reader

Sun readers have endorsed their favourite newspaper’s call to arms following Labour plans to tax people earning over £80,000 a year a bit more.

The proposals which could mean someone earning £80,000 a year pays the same tax and someone earning £100,000 a year has to pay an eye watering £20 a week extra in tax have caused fury amongst people that don’t earn anything like that.

One furious Sun reader told us that despite earning £66,000 shy of the £80,000 stage where they might start paying slightly more tax, they might win the lottery and risk winning slightly less and having a well funded NHS.

“Corbyn’s going to distribute wealth slightly more evenly and that would benefit me and I’m having absolutely none of it. Because immigrants.”

Another Sun reader said “If my income goes up by 500% then Labour are going to take it all away again  and I’ll be poorer than I am now.  Admittedly I haven’t actually worked that out with a calculator or thought about it a bit or anything.”

A completely impartial BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said “The only way we can completely fuck ourselves over by leaving Europe, is by voting for a strong and stable government who will fuck us over as well. Until which time they’ve fucked everyone over and they start turning on each other like rabid dogs. It’s a bit like the cartoon vacuum cleaner that sucks everything up including the surrounding scenery and then sucks itself up.”


  1. Euthenasia, yes euthenasia is the answer!

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