Brexiters celebrate British independence by dousing chickens in toilet duck

liam fox toilet duck chickens

Brexit supporters have been celebrating British Independence by dousing their chickens in toilet duck, thought to be a prerequisite of any trade deal with America.

Divided over whether to pour toilet duck into the cavity,  baste it on the outside or simply use it as a condiment, Brexiters throughout the country have been adding the bleach based cleaner to their chicken dinners to show remoaners and snowflakes that they’re unphased by any drop in food safety standards following exit from the EU.

The demonstrations have had the full support of Trade Secretary Liam Fox who warned that Britain may have to eat what Americans eat in order to protect our sovereignty.

“The sooner we can start bleaching dead animals for human consumption the better.

“It may all taste a bit funny but that’s probably because it’s nice and clean. Clean of any German or French influence. Basically if Donald Trump wants us to add fairy liquid to orange juice, dishwasher tablets to meatballs or bathroom flash to tapioca in return for a trade deal, we’re on it like a car bonnet. That way we get to keep our Britishness.” He explained.

One protester told us that they were looking forward to a non-EU controlled bathroom fresh chicken dinner.

“I expect remoaners would probably prefer us to baste our chickens in olive oil or something. Well they’re defying the will of the people. We voted for toilet duck.”

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