“Ooh no don’t shift left” say career politicians

Career politicians throughout the Labour Party have come together en masse to say “Ooh no! Don’t shift left. Think about us and our important careers. What if we don’t get elected? What if we do get elected and have to promise to feed everyone or something? This nonsense has to stop.” Former Leadership favourite until […]

Labour to shit on the poor compassionately and fairly

Acting Labour Leader Harriet Harman has promised that despite a minor rebellion from do-gooders, Labour will now concentrate on taking a monumental shit on all poor people, albeit compassionately and fairly. Speaking to a heaving press conference the hapless interim said “We must listen to the voters and defecate on poor people from a great […]

Gove “We’re going to sack all the birds and the lefties”

Education Secretary Michael Gove has confirmed today that the removal of Baroness Morgan as chair of the education inspectorate for England is just the beginning of a new policy of sacking anyone who votes Labour and isn’t a bloke. Speaking on the Andrew Marr show this morning, the Education Secretary assured voters that in future  all […]