Matt Le Blanc in last ditch attempt to flog a dead horse

Matt le blanc top gear dead horse

Matt Le Blanc has been called in to co-host Top Gear, in a last ditch attempt to flog a dead horse before finally sending it to the knackers yard.

A spokesman for the BBC defending the move said “Unless we get casual racism from a big teethy bloke with curly hair, no-ones interested in cars especially driven by Sunday driving gingers. The best thing we can hope for is to drag in Joey out of friends and hope someone buys it over the pond because it’s got Joey out of friends in it.”

Indeed Joey out of friends, also known as Matt Le Blanc, said he doubted Americans would be very impressed with the show but was confident that they would watch it anyway because it had him in it.

“They’re going to hate every minute of it. Brits all drive small cars on the wrong side of the road. But because we have adverts on every two and a half minutes, it’s impossible to tell what’s going on. They’ll only discover how shit it is next year. By which time I might be in something good.”

Other new cast members will include Green party MP Caroline Lucas and Giles Brandreth who will be taking over as the Stig.

Jeremy Clarkson who is in the process of filming a new show for Amazon Prime told us “I’ve been beating up my producer. But it’s ok. It’s a euphemism.”


  1. What WON’T he do hey hahaha

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