Matt Le Blanc in last ditch attempt to flog a dead horse

Matt Le Blanc has been called in to co-host Top Gear, in a last ditch attempt to flog a dead horse before finally sending it to the knackers yard. A spokesman for the BBC defending the move said “Unless we get casual racism from a big teethy bloke with curly hair, no-ones interested in cars […]

Spain fury at British plans for ‘Cock of Gibraltar’

The Spanish Government has today expressed ‘anger and disappointment’ at plans to resculpt  the famous Rock of Gibraltar into a giant penis. Speaking at a press conference this morning a Government spokesman argued  “It is bad enough that you will be able to see this giant phallic monstrosity from 80 miles away. But the fact […]

Vatican to invade the Falkland Islands

Shiny new Pope Frank has announced at his Inauguration Mass today that his first task as Catholic Church Boss will be to lead an all out invasion of the Falkland Islands.  Speaking in Latin, he told the 200.000 strong crowd “I’ve been approached by Argentinian president Cristina Fernandez and asked if I can do something […]

Falkland Islanders vote to be French

The long running dispute regarding the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands took an unexpected twist today as the results of the referendum have seen the Islanders speak emphatically, and in one voice, that from now on they wish to be French. Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has requested that the French Government hand over […]