Tristram Hunt to challenge for Labour leadership

Former Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt has announced his intention to challenge Jeremy Corbyn in a Labour leadership contest.

Labour to expel all its members

The Labour party is to expel all its members before they can vote in the forthcoming leadership election and choose the wrong leader, according to a senior party source today.

New right wing Owen Jones accepts job with Daily Mail

Formerly left wing journalist Owen Jones has confirmed that he will be accepting a full time position with the Daily Mail and has adopted right wing knee jerk political leanings in accordance with their standard policy. Mr Jones has said he will be looking forward to “exposing the nanny state” and battling against “political correctness […]

4 Year old ‘Toddler Police Commissioner’ to be hung out to dry

Newspapers and television news stations alike have come together as one in condemning the ‘deplorable actions’ of newly appointed Toddler Police Commissioner Tommy Perkins who in just one day of office is facing a charge of gross misconduct. Despite the responsibilities that go with his high office he has already left an important meeting to […]