Government announce new Free Hospitals with unqualified Doctors

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt has this morning announced the opening of new free hospitals staffed by unqualified doctors and nurses in order to maximise round the clock care for patients. “You’ve got a choice of waiting months for an operation by a so called qualified surgeon or you can be operated on […]

Free schools force pupils to worship Michael Gove

The government’s free schools programme is simply a front for creating religious dogma and forcing pupils to worship Michael Gove, according to campaigners. The National Secular Society said the growing influence of faith groups could undermine the integrity of Britain’s state schools, in particular when pupils are being taught that the world was created in […]

Michael Gove’s “Top ten money saving tips”

Hi I’m Michael Gove and I’m terribly upset by accusations that I am out of touch when I merely said poor people should manage their finances better instead of using food banks. It’s my fault for not being more specific, so I’d like to explain some money saving tips that have always worked for me […]

Gove ‘only joking’ about new exams

Plans to scrap GCSEs in key subjects in England and Wales, and replace them with English Baccalaureate Certificates are today being abandoned by the Government after Education Secretary Michael Gove followed a recent statement on the matter with the word ‘jokes’. Under the the Parliamentary Humour Act of 1878 any proposed legislation followed by the […]