Britain secures trade deal with Liechtenstein

Boris Johnson has secured a victory for Brexit Britain having reportedly brokered a trade deal with the country of Liechtenstein.

Diane James to “strangle a puppy a day” until Britain leaves EU

New UKIP leader and salaried MEP Diane James has promised UKIP members that she will squeeze the life out of a new born puppy every single day until Britain invokes article 50 and then every day after that until the process is complete.

Would you pass Nigel Farage’s points based immigration system?

Nigel Farage is very cross that Prime Minister Theresa May won’t adopt a points based immigration system. But what would Britain look like if Nigel were to award points to immigrants? Try this simple test to see if you would get in.

“Here you are. Here’s €13 billion” Apple tell EU

Technology giant Apple has handed over €13 billion to the European Commission today telling officials they were surprised they hadn’t asked earlier.

Voters’ confusion as immigrants still here

A leave voter has told of his anguish this morning on waking up to find that there were some foreign people in his immediate vicinity who appeared to be showing no signs of packing their bags and shockingly seemed to be living their lives like nothing had happened.

Iran to join EU warn BREXIT campaigners

The Islamic republic of Iran will most likely join the EU later this year according to UKIP leader and prominent BREXIT campaigner Nigel Farage.

Justin Bieber to back leave campaign

The campaign for Britain to remain in the EU has suffered another setback today following news that Justin Bieber has thrown his weight behind the leave campaign.

Boris “We must use the Isle of Wight as an example”

Britain must follow the lead of the Isle of Wight and use its lack of racial diversity as a shining beacon as how the UK could be post Brexit, according to conservative leadership hopeful Boris Johnson. Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, the former Mayor said that the islanders’ mistrust of all visitors, even other […]

Far right brexit campaigner has carefully analysed the fiscal implications

A far right Brexit campaigner has carefully analysed the fiscal implications of remaining in or leaving the EU, before deciding the leave option to be the most universally beneficial

Britain “overrun with Mexican bandits”

Britain is set to be overrun with Mexican bandits who have been sneaking in whilst everyone has been too busy worrying about Romanians and Muslims to take notice. Justice Secretary and prominent Leave campaigner Michael Gove has warned that if left unchecked up to 70% or 80% of Britain’s population could consist of horse riding […]